School Events

Each show is about an hour long, but we can conform to most any schedule, though.

The shows include exciting animals from all around the world and different environments are represented, although specific habitats and / or creatures can be requested to accentuate certain themes and lessons.

Since our philosophy is that information is better retained when more than one or two of the senses are used, we prefer to give classroom or grade level presentations rather than whole school assemblies.  Generally up to 100 students per session works well.  This smaller format allows students to interact intimately with the individual animals and permits them to investigate the physical details of the various creatures.  Typically 5 or 6 presentations can be scheduled in a day and can be tailored to each group’s individual level.

We can set up in a library, multipurpose room, gym, classroom, cafeteria, etc and have each group arrive at periodic intervals throughout the day.

Event Locations

Festivals / Fairs


RV Parks