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Wildlife Comedian Wildman Phil’s unique brand of comedy is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people annually, and he takes his exotic creatures on the road across the U.S. to entertain and educate audiences of all ages. He has appeared in episodes of The Discovery Channel’s Emmy award winning series “Breaking Trail” and “Coyote’s Backyard” while working closely with the infamous YouTube sensation Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness channel. He and his animals have appeared in Ghost Adventures, The Conan Show with Conan O’Brien, and numerous other TV shows around the world.

Whether you’re desiring an interactive professional-grade live reptile display, or a comedic (yet educational) stage show featuring cool and crazy creatures, Wildman Phil  has you covered with his unique brand of live animal entertainment which is sure to have everyone exclaiming “Isn’t that WILD?!.

Bring the world’s animals to your event through one of these exciting experiences:


Wildman Phil’s entertaining live animal demonstrations are interactive prop-comedy performances featuring some of the world’s most notable creatures. Laugh as you witness the amazing antics of various lizards and arachnids. Applaud as you behold unexpected actions of turtles and snakes. Gasp as you observe the surprising size and beauty of various reptiles and spiders. Each stage show includes 6-10 animals and is adapted to the audience on hand. Phil brings several animals to each event so that multiple shows can be produced in a day to preserve variety for any repeat audience members.


Another method of enjoying Wildman Phil’s crazy creatures is to host one of our professionally produced live animal displays. These engaging exhibits highlight 40-50 reptiles and other interesting critters in an up-close and easily viewed atmosphere that is appealing, inspiring, and stimulating. The skillfully decorated exhibitions are manned by trained, experienced handlers who interact with patrons to further heighten the experience with the ability to touch select creatures in an inviting yet controlled environment.

We also can combine the above services for the ultimate wildlife experience.

We look forward to booking an amazing event with you. Please contact me with questions you have about any of the services we offer.

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