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Wildman Phil has three different shows that are popular evening entertainment for the RV park crowd.  Each show is approximately 1 1/2 hours of stand-up comedy combined with live animals.  I have included short descriptions of each one.  You can choose to do any or all of them throughout your season.  Typically we do an 80/20 split of ticket sales with a $350 minimum.  Once you decide on the show(s) that you want we can email you posters that you can use for marketing.

What’s in Your Pocket?

As he regales the calamities of growing up in rural Arizona, comedian Philip “Wildman Phil” Rakoci shares interesting facts and exciting stories about some of the creatures and situations that are so often associated with Arizona’s wild outdoors. From hilarious tales about a brother who has experienced various creature attacks to the amazing types of live animals that suddenly appear on stage, this stand-up style show will have you wondering “What’s in your pocket?”

What’s in Your Suitcase?

Traveling comedian Philip “Wildman Phil” Rakoci takes us on an exciting adventure through stories of traveling woes that will have you chuckling in understanding and laughing out loud in shocked amazement. This family-friendly show expertly combines humor and facts as well as Phil’s customary use of live animals, and keeping everyone surprised at what’s in his suitcase.

Wild Arizona

Join us for an exciting live animal demonstration featuring some of Arizona’s most notable creatures. Comedian Philip “Wildman Phil” Rakoci highlights the unique characteristics of various wildlife, their homes, and the ways the lives of these vastly different animals are interwoven, creating a community where each has a purpose and a place.

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