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Sept 20-24, 2020

$1,600 per person

Our 5 day tour into Havasupai Canyon and the canyon village of Supai is a drop into a timeless, unique, and spectacular section of the Grand Canyon. You’ll enjoy our tasty backcountry cooking, comfortable accommodations, world-class swimming in the Southwest’s most famous waterholes, and a stunning bird’s-eye view of a beautiful part of one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  You can leave everything to us, as we coordinate an unforgettable exploration into one of the Grand Canyon’s most breathtaking destinations.

The rate of $1600 includes a professional Grand Canyon guide, hotel accommodations on top and in the canyon, round-trip transportation from Casa Grande/Phoenix, hearty meals, and more.


Day 1 – Get picked up late morning. Dinner that evening. Overnight at Inn.
The Inn is an authentic Route 66 hotel with usual hotel room amenities, including cable TV, WiFi, and cell service for most carriers. The accommodations are double occupancy. If you are attending this program with a partner please let me know who is rooming with you. If you are attending by yourself please be prepared to share a room with another participant. A single room can be arranged for a charge of $700.

Day 2 – Breakfast, get sack lunch. Drive to Rim of Grand Canyon and hike into canyon. Once in Supai village, get permits and rooms. Hike to Navajo Falls, if desired. Dinner (included).  Overnight at newly-renovated Havasupai Lodge. – soft bed, warm shower, electricity to charge phone, camera, etc., quiet night, in-room toilet, no wandering wildlife (human or other)

Day 3 – Breakfast (included), sack lunch (included) to take with while hiking around inside canyon and exploring pools and waterfalls at Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, and Mooney Falls. Dinner (included). Overnight at Havasupai Lodge.

Day 4 – Breakfast (included), sack lunch (included), hike out. Check in at Inn. Drinks and fellowship. Dinner.

Day 5 – Breakfast, leave inn, return home around 3pm.

Since we are not backpacking, a lightweight shoulder daypack is all that you should plan to bring into the canyon. A change of socks, underwear, shirt, a pair of tennis shoes or sandals, a nutritious snack for the trip down, camera, your toiletry articles, small flashlight, and any medications that you may require are about all that need to be in your pack. Two liters of water should be adequate since you will be able to replenish your supply once at the village.